Quadratics Research Projects

Audio for the Yodios was recorded through cell phones.

What is a Parabola: Jeremiah B. and Jessica R.

History of Quadratics: Austin R. and Thomas S.

Babylon: Crystalene E., Brittany K, and Autumn T.

Baseball: Austin L. and Dale N.

Baseball: Elissa M. and Kaitlynn R.

Baseball: Nate J.

Baseball: Josh H. and Christian S.

Football: Ryan B. and Tyler Y.

Football: Jacob L.

Tennis: Abi B. and Emma R.

Basketball: Dominic F. and Nick H.

Sound: Jake R.

Vehicles: Justin F.

Acceleration: Marissa B. and Sarah P.

Engineering: Marisa M. and Shannon S.

Sports: Nate F. and Ricky S.

Soccer: Amanda T.